Alpana using rice paste

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I used rice paste to do this huge alpana.It is totally freehand and I just kept expanding , as there was so much space available.

Rangoli: Alpana using rice paste


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Lakshmi! Smile

Your alpana is quite intricate and very beautiful! Nice shade of white and red in the entire pattern. Thank you for sharing your artistic work here at ikolam with all of us. Smile

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Ms. Lakshmi, wonderful work. You have drawn this using any brush or only with your fingers?Such a treat for the eyes. very neatly drawn with so many intricate design and Kaavi used beautifully.

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hai welcome....this is such a feast for d eyes...i admire how u have done such a huge design without spilling a drop there any tips for d rice paste used pl let us know....

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Beautiful kolam. Yr strokes r very neat and it's areal feast for the eyes.

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Beautiful maakolam. I have the same question as , how you have done such big maakolam without spilling a drop of rice paste.

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wow done it very neatly.

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Thank you very much for all your appreciative comments. It does a great deal to encourage us to do more such work.
But I really do not know if I can make such a huge piece again, as I have had knee replacement operation done recently and am not supposed to squat on the floor. I am hoping that I shall be able to develop a way to do these once again.I do not use any brush . The knack to get a thin fluid line using rice paste, is to use just a small wad of cotton and not any cloth as many people use.Please do pray that I shall be able to do these kolams once again, as I really love doing free hand alpanas.

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Excellent work, a feast for the eyes. Just as others have mentioned, it's a marvel such a huge kolam has been drawn without spilling a drop of the paste!

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Nice one Lakshmi maam. Shall definitely pray GOD for your quick recovery. You will be back at heels to do more such wonderful kolams. We youngsters has to learn a lot from your works.

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Amazing indeed. So neat and indeed a treat to the eyes.

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Lakshmi maam this is an absolutely marvelous creation... I hope and pray that you have good health and we get to see more of such visual treats...take care

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very beautiful lakshmi.. great work done. god will give you health to do more and more of this work. God bless u mam. i will pray for you. even i use small piece of cotton instead of cloth or any other thing. great work . superb design.

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wonderful, this looks great, i love the neatness and the intricate design. Lakshmiji, take care of your health, we wish you to get well soon...we will wait for your kolams

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Very neatly executed intricate work and also different design from the regular ones Lakshmiji! We pray God to make you alright soon and create more like this and we will also enjoy:)

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hai lakshmi mam....Get Well Soon....we r here praying for ur recovery....

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I think those with the name Lakshmi make big and intricate kolams??? WOW - what a beautiful design this is and so wonderfully executed. Lakshmi hope and pray that you get well soon and give us more visual treats like this one. GET WELL SOON Smile

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Very elegant and wonderful