Alpona - Daily kolam

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This is a typical bengali style kolam which the Bengalis call it as Alpona

Rangoli: Alpona - Daily kolam


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Looks beautiful! Smile

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Nice pattern, looks even like a necklace!

Regards! - mOhana

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Looks like a mehandi design, nice

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Lovely Alpona, Saras Ma'am...... would try this one with Embroidery...... Smile

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beautiful design...i think it suits necklace,mehandi and embroidery also.

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Neat, cute pattern - reminds me of Indira's creations... really very pretty Smile

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Thank you all ..
Thanks judy mam for the the link...... Indira mam's lovely creations... very beautiful.. oohh. cant wait to try out her designs.

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Alpana is very very beautiful! Smile

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HI Alpana
You and your kolam both are beautiful and excellent

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Thank you all for your lovely comments. My husband was laughing at your comment Hemaji...hehehe!


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Splendid. Neat and pleasing to eyes..