Apartment Kolams

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With shortage of space these days I think these kolams will be ideal for the apartment lifestyle... hope you like them

dots 5 - 5

Rangoli: Apartment Kolams


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Apartment Kolams! Where were you Judeline when I needed you some years ago Smile
Nice design within borders, a complete package! Members who emailed me and others who are wondering about what patterns to try, need not look any further, because here is Judeline to the rescue!

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thanks for the compliment lata - i have a large collection of kolams for all kinds of specifications and will keep loading them one by one for everyone - i am really glad to be able to load my kolams here.... i have also been longing for something like this - to share my craze for kolams with someone and i am in the right place now, i can see that...... let me know if you have any specific requirements and i will try and help out...