Arsimaavu Kolam - two different styles

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And finally my attempt at arsimaavu kolams - can this be classified as a padi kolam?? Experts please tell me? Lata if you look carefully you will see tiny dot spillings around the kolam (though I was very very careful not to spill). This kolam also I put about 4 times before I was able to get an almost perfect outcome - waited for it to dry fully and then clicked a pic and after I finished taking the pic I used a dry cloth to remove the arsimaavu - but to my surprise I discovered another style of kolams. I immediately clicked and have attached to the original picture for all of you to see and enjoy. Rajamma no ear buds this time, only dry cloth hehe......

Rangoli: Arsimaavu Kolam - two different styles


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Wiping away the dry parts has given a nice outlined skeletal effect to the rice batter kolam!
I'm now imagining how this version of the kolam would look when filled up with colors? Smile
(No, I didn't mean to suggest more work, was just wondering):)

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Very good and novel idea.
Is the effect not similar to the demonstrations in the chennai meet?

Regards! - mOhana

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Yes, the effect is kind of similar; in the meet technique, the rangoli powder on the floor is pulled away using an earbud, or indentations made using fingers. In this picture, the dried up flour is wiped away, thus leaving outlines. Effect is kind of same but with a different technique! Right Judy? Smile

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Judy and Latha, some more information... Only on smooth mosaic tharai, u can get this outlines intact if rubbed. and also it happens when the maavu is very thick. But nice idea to color it.
Judy it is sort of Padikolam. Some put the design with perfect inner square, others( Iyengars) put it as u have done it.

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Judy, There is another way to have the second effect. Put the maakkolam, let it be there for a couple of days. Right from the milkman,courierwala,Ironingwala, Pookkaari WILL STEP on it, newspaper WILL REST on it, and after 2 days, Alas!! the same effect would have come. Try and see..

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Kolam poduvadhu oru kalai
adhai azhippadhum oru kalaidaan!

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Judy good idea,looks nice keep it up.

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jude, your mavukolam is good.It looks like a butterfly.Even though I am not a expert , I want to share some thoughts.There are many kind of kolams are drawn with wet arisi mavu.Izhai kolam, padikolam, manaikolam, are some kind of mavu kolams.padikolams means step by step lines increased or decreased according to taste and design.your kolam design is combined with padi kolam and izhai kolam , I think.If any mistake in my opinion sorry, experts.

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Absolutely right Lata - the very same technique JKM.. - nice idea of filling colours - maybe next time.

Thank you everyone for your comments - I am so happy you all liked it...