Basic Design Kolam

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Lata, I am uploading my extension of your basic design kolam. Friends as I didn't had time nor space to implement this design, I have done on the paper itself. if any one is impressed by this design, pls try on the floor.

Rangoli: Basic Design Kolam


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Padma, the centre original design is very neatly drawn. the outer extentions are very attractive and colourful.
Let us see who will try this on the floor.
I too could produce only paper drawing

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You have embellished the design so much that the main design has become subsidiary! Great work, let us see it on the floor Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow...padma...this is looking so nice pa...seems like we will need to request lata for one more link to republish all d second try of d -original designs...haha....

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wow padma awesome dear! plz do it on the floor version soon:)-suguna murugesan

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wow ! VERY very beautiful, and good u have used color to draw, the finish is also very classy.

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Padma, perfect drawing dear. Nice fusion with chikku patterns which is decorating the outer layer.


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Wow, Lovely pattern Padma, Neatly drawn and beautiful.

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very nice creation, expecting it on d floor

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Beautifully drawn basic design in paper....nicely extended with checks and chikku patterns Padma...would like to see this on floor.

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wonderful extension kolam padma.The chikku design in the outer border is very cute.

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wow wonderful and gud one.

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Thank you Ms.Rajam, JKM Sir, Bala, RAni, Suguna, Vijayanthi, Maha, Nithya, Uma, Sowmi (yes dear), Suba and Alamelu.

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Padma, what a pretty design you've given us here! I like how you've extended the design with diyas and kidney shaped structures, and also dotted smaller designs around the edges. Nice coloring ideas too. I'm so glad you could take the time to participate and treat us with this design Padma. Thanks so much. Smile
(I'm also getting angrier by the moment at myself for not having the time to try this on the floor. I'm very behind in my schedule with this site work (among other things), and so very mad...I want to stomp my foot and scream like a kid :0 )

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I think I forgot to mention that the netted pink lines are beautiful as well.

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Thank you Lata for your precious comments.

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pretty decorations padma madam, looks grand.....will wait for the floor version Smile

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I like the outer chikku design very much! Nice colour combination and checks shading!
- PadmaKarthik

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Wow Padma, excellent work, loved the netted pattern and the chikku kolam around it. Very very good one dear.