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hai viewers this star based kolam was drawn on sunday 18th september... today i went one marriage... attend the function then back to home , after i coloured... sunlight has comeout...

Rangoli: Basic-Inspirations-4


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really good dear!-suguna murugesan

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colorful wk,, those blue lotuses r so cute

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Nice kolam, Julien.


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good kolam julie.

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Beautiful1 -Indira Sundar

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Wow Julie dear nice and big kolam from u. Good one ma.

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Nice col kolam julien...very bright and beautiful...

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thank u suguna, uma, maha, bala mam, indira mam and pushpa thanks for all your lovely comments.

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Thank U Rani Mam.,

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Very beautifully done kolam Julien.

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Nice one - i liked the shaded colouring.

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thank U sowmi and veena mam.,

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Very nice coloring on the kolam, Julie. I also like the kolam a lot. Most of all, I enjoy how you tell us your experiences along with the kolam. :0