Beginner kolam

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Hai to all....hope u like this simple 7x4 dotted kolam done by me...just wanted to share this rare flower which blooms only twice a year in my garden....ur views please Smile

Rangoli: Beginner kolam


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Oh so beautiful, the real flower as well as the beautiful flower done with kuzhal... pretty one Ranima.

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Small and sweet pinky...Lovely...ranima Smile

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Thank u push darling and vidhya dear for enjoying this simple kolam Smile

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May be simple for you but to get the curves with kuzhal perfectly is really a difficult job for me. Beautiful kolam with nice pink and blue colouring Rani. Smile

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Thanks sad pa u people r unable to use my kuzhal Smile

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Ammu wht is the name of this rare beutiful flower dear .
"Ninna ee vichitra rangavaliya oovu
kanuthidhe nangondu haavu

haridaduthide vartulada suttu
tanna jadeyanna yetti

Kanutilla hora baruva daari
pachtapisutidhe yake bandhe ee varutaldalli haari

Solu oppavadilla ee haavu
oovu nagutidhe nodi edar nhovu

haavu oovina ee aata
Darshisuthide ascharyada mata "

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Rani, cute kuzhal pookkolam. To try kuzhal we need ruff surface. In mosaic floor it does not move properly, so I could notuse your kazhal. I too have this flower in my garden. I have white veriety. 2 flowers at a time blooming on the opposite directions,is it not?

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Thank u rekha mam(sorry i don't know blooms from a long shoot and has bulbs as roots).... Smile thanks rajamma mam...yes mam thats d same flower i think...nice to know white variety is also there Smile

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Rani, very pretty Kuzhal kolam. Those flowers look so cute.