Chalk kolam

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As I was talking to my mom, I just created this on a stool with chalk. I made the center sikku kolam and then added the borders too. I liked it and hence sharing with you.

Rangoli: Chalk kolam


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Talking on the phone and drawing a chikku kolam at the same time! This is one talented multitasking lady! Smile
Great work Padma. I like the border as well, nice conical twist at the center of the border design. Catching two birds with one stone? :0

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Two in one!

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lovely sikku kolam with outside sikku border as well padma ....ore kallule rendu u remember kamal's dialogue in one of his films with prabhudeva....sing it in that tone...he he...

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Thank you Lata, Nitya and RANi.
RAni, sorry I dont watch Tamil movies and hence you have to sing for me too....

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Fantastic! I like your kolam and the border very much....

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Chikenru oru chikku kolam.. Lovely presentation with cute borders..

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One doubt Padma - how long with you talk to your mom?? and one request - every time you talk to your mom, please keep this stool next to you so we can get to see some more lovely creations.. The kolam is extremely neat and the bordering looks very pretty. Rani the movie is "Kaadhalaa Kaadhalaa" and believe it or not, when I read your comment I imagined Kamal's voice only Blum 3

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Thank you Veni, Vinci and Judy. Judy I will try to follow your suggestion.

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I am wondering - you can make sikku kolam while talking that too so neatly and the corner designs are superb. wonderful, Padma.

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Padma maam I can never do such a thing... I need to fully concentrate on the kolam only, even if distracted for a moment, I get confused so it is a really amazing thing u did here... well done

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Very very pretty Smile About multi-tasking. The brain, at a time, can do only one job, that too when concentration is required more.

Regards! - mOhana

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Padma, cute chikku kolams joined and framed inside a nice kolam border. . Lines drawn with chalk very neatly.
Even I can not concentrate on anything while drawing kolam.(But hearing music while putting kolam helps a lot ). Its ok if ur on the phone. But if the person is infront of u u have to shift ur eyesight often no?
But mOhanaji, we, ladies are always doing multitasking only.

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Thank you Brinda, Pushpa, JKM sir and Rajamma mam for your appreciation.

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Will the mood of the conversation reflect on the kolam also? Needs to be analysed!

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well said jude.I also want like that.very neat and beautiful kolam padma.