Chalk Kolam in Singapore !!!

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This kolam is for murugan swami. This kolam i dedicate to my father who is murugan bakthar.

My mom used to make this kolam, it would be cute and delicate. I tried to replicate as usual without symmetry...

It has some of the murugan amsam

Tamil,Mango,Karthigai vizhaku,karthikai stars, vel,his vehicle peacock, seval kodi, and some of my favourite aspects of kolams sangu chakaram lotus and sun... Dad said after seeing this kolam that it has main aspect of murugan... His Azhagu...(Dad is always like that spoils me with his love a lot).. For him ... happy fathers day dad..

Gowri Manohari Narayanan.

Rangoli: Chalk Kolam in Singapore !!!


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Quite nice. The father must be really pleased with his daughter's effort, and of course, her love. One question, what is the connection between murugan and mango, I don't know.

Regards! - mOhana

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I think the answer can be found in the following link:

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I thought so, but in the versions I heard, the fruit in question was described as tasty, golden, precious, etc. Of course, it can be mango too as mango is the best fruit!

Regards! - mOhana

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The idea behind this kolam reminds me of a song that my daughter recently sang, a rather sad song that was about Lord Muruga. I thought it was rather a bit odd for her to choose such a song (the song didn't appear to be of her choice), and later found out that she chose that keeping her great-grandpa in her mind (my maternal grandpa who doesn't start his day everyday before his daily prayers to Lord Muruga).
Here are the first few verses of the song:

P: enna kavi pADinAlum undan manam irangavillai innum ennum shOdanaiyA murugA
A: annaiyum ariyavillai tandaiyum ninappadillai un mAmiyum pArppadillai mAmanum kETpadillai
C: akSara lakSam yArumillai annal bhOjarAjan illai pakSamuDanE azhaittu parishayikka yArumillai
ik-SaaNattil nI ninainda enakkO kuraivillai murugA lakSiyamO unakku ennai nAn viDuvadillai

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Gowri, nice Murugan concepts brought into your kolam!
Lata, I remember this song in the voice of Madurai Somu which will bring tears even now!

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Romba Nalla Irukku, Gowri..... All the features take our Souls to the feet of Aarupadaiyaan... Thanks to you....

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Thank you Purni... i am really thrilled....

Gowri Manohari Narayanan ...

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Gowri, very good concept.looks so divine.

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Appanukke GURU aaga irundha Suppanai(Subramanyanai)indha kolathil ivvalavu azhaga konduvandhu, Father's day celebrate panniya onnai evvlavu praise panninaalum thagum!

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Thanks Rajamma amma...

Gowri Manohari Narayanan...

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Jayamohan mam, Sir and Lata mam thank you..

I consulted dad about the mango.. he said that like Sir said its knowledge fruit not exactly mango...

Gowri Manohari Narayanan...

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your concept looks diffrent "Adbuthavagidhe". you pls try diffrent kolams like this to your mother.