Chalk kolam in Singapore!!!

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Nice!Are you welcoming us to Singapore?

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Wow Gowri, it sure rocks...... Nice to see Sumathi Ma'am's Virtual KOlam in Reality.... Could have coloured the borders too....

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Nice one

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Quite pleasing, particularly the positioning of the welcome. Thanks for welcoming! Here is an ambigram ( which reads "Come in" from one side and "Go away" from another side!

Regards! - mOhana

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Thats a good one sir... Ambigrams... waiting for the solomon key book from Dan Brown...

Thank you all... This kolam i learnt in my 6th standard from a neighbour girl....

Yes welcoming you all to Singapore ...

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nice colour and very beautiful can know how many dots thks

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Gowri, colour full welcome!!!!!it come out nicely.nice border....

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Gowri, started using colour chalks? Nice welcome to '.......'!

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the dots is it 14 -2 straight lines

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Gowri, you welcomed every one.But all should standby your doorstep to see your kolams.

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Colour and life in your kolam Gowri - nice to see that.. I love the texture of your steps -they look like the icing on our wedding cakes - now you reminded me of that and I want to eat one...

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Hi Gowriji, I've channeled all of your rangolis in your folder. Please check and let me know if you see them all. Smile

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Thank you mam.. i have sent you a message .. please reply and answer to my email id