Chalk kolam with Singapore !!!

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Nabhi kamalam...

Interesting yet eccentric experience while drawing this kolam...

When i started to make kolam my best friend Raman called...

Talked about our old days in IBM India and didnt want to put dots or kambhi kolams or poo kolams which needs concentration on the kolam.. infact I realised the meaning of CIRCLE after making this kolam only beginning no end .... just like our lives .... manam pona pokkil kai pona pokkil uruvana kolam... turned out to be like old cinema rewinding flashback symbol and after keeping the phone i added the lotus and named it nabhi kamalam...

Gowri Manohari Narayanan...

Rangoli: Chalk kolam with Singapore !!!


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Nabhi Kamalam! Unique idea. You know what they say; life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get! I guess Gowri's finger tips are pretty much like that too; you never know what design she'll end up with! Smile
(I think you are good at multitasking too!)

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Hehe I like your story of the origin of this kolam Gowri - waiting to see more such creations... Apt description for Gowri's fingers Lata... ( PS: Gowri send this picture to Raman - let him see what he made you do.)

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Nice one, Gowri....

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Good idea and nice caption for the rangOli. An alternate one - doodles with a lotus!

When I see the spiral patterns, I am always reminded of a story - that the person is inward looking if (s)he draws them from outside in and that the person is outward looking if (s)he draws from inside out Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Nabhi Kamalam ... new thought ... thanks.

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mOhanaji, it is easier to draw from inside to outward! In life also it is easy to expand outward but difficult to concentrate inside! What a philosophy!

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Gowri, you had mentioned in one of your comments about going for a tour, and I believe Indonesia is one of the places in your list. Do drop us a line when you get a chance to tell us how you're doing. Smile

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wow... lots of comments from my online family... i am doing fine... monday evening back to normal life :-)... yes indonesia is one of my places ... but main is going around singapore :-)...

Thanks all,
See you all soon,
Gowri Manohari Narayanan...

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Idhu, Thenkozhalaa, illaai Tharai chakrama endru ninaikkum podhu oru thaamarayai pottu disai thiruppittingale!

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Nabhi kolam ....super gowri madam...