Chikku kolams

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Nice collage of dotted kolams, with same number of dots. I like how you have made bold criss-cross outlines in
the fourth image (shows the difference between the 3rd and the 4th). Just so you know, I had to edit the image further to get rid of extra space, to make it fit within our "800" pixels width. Smile

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nice ones....1 & 3 looks difficult....2 & 4 seems easy to try Smile ....lataji, your tutorial has been at its best use now Smile

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Actually, she had done it using steps given by her son. But, in the future, I have a feeling she would follow my tutorial as it has only a few straight forward steps (in comparison), and gives a better idea about the image-width that we use here at ikolam. This is fabulous work for someone who has tried it for the first time this way. Smile

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ராஜம்மாஜி, உங்களைப்போலவே உங்கள் கோலமும் அழகாக சிரிக்கிறது. மிகவும் வித்தியாசமான முயற்சி. (These also look like crispy Murukku to me Smile ).

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Wow nice kolams. i can try these, but not with this much perfction.

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nice kolams.

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ராஜம் சிக்கு கோலத்துக்கும் வந்தாச்சு! எதையுமே விடறதா இல்லையா?

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Cute and excellent, as brindha mam said, your koalms are beautiful like you

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hai rajammaji thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful kolams with luv

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All the kolams are very lovely. Will surely try them at home.

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Rajamma maam all the kolams are wonderfully drawn by you.. it is really nice the way you have used same dots but made different kolams.... yes I too agree the kolams are as pretty as you..

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Thank u all for encouraging.All these kolams were taken from one of my VASAN's kolam book. I wanted to send any one whice comes out nicely.After putting all the 4 kolam I asked my son if I can combine all the 4 in one screen. He taught me the procedure, but due to old age I was forgetting the steps and didnot succeed,. Finally he wrote step by step instructions(Almost 33 steps) and after trial and error arrived at this.( First in Adh.photoshop I minimized the kolams and copied in Ms paint and pasted in one final Ms paint )I could feel that it was not a perfect work, but sent to Lata to decide whether worth for uploading. Now that she has given a nice vedio tutorial( which I put repeatedly just admiring her voice, stylish pronunciation and clear explanations) I think most of us can club similar kolams in one and send it.Thank you Lata, for helping me to learn more in computer also.

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Nice collage work!!! all the kolams are so nice!!!!


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super mam super will try all

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Very nice kolams.

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all kolams looks excelent...i like the four kolams...let me try one day...

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All are very nice. I liked the enthusiam and the will power you have and finally completed the task. "learning is a continuous process and no age bar for that". Infact we have to learn how to improve our patience, will power and enthu from u. thanks a lot

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suuuuuuuuuuper rajamma mam!

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a very nice organised kolam collage Rajamma mam,the kolams though have similar dots look unique in every different pattern,awesome!

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Rajammaji, i am always run away from sikku kolams. But my sister Malar is fond of them... After seeing ur sikku s i am also interested in making them (like padi kolams)... nice collections -Indira

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That is the beauty of chikku kOlams. Any number of patterns can be obtained using the same dot arrangement. Very nice work.

Regards! - mOhana

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migavum azhagaaga irukindradhu--yamunabalaji

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Rajammaji, how do we access the video tutorial for this. I want to learn this.?

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Never mind Rajammaji. I saw the tutorial.

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nice ones rajammaji.thanks for yr blessings for my daughter nivedhitha.

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All the four chiku kolam on the black background looks very beautiful.

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Excellent Rajam - thanks for this lovely weekend treat. I must find time to copy this set of kolams in my book Smile