chikku/suzhi round kolam

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Wanted to try without white kolapodi. Not satisfied because it does not look bright. Maybe I should have used bright yellow, green,etc.

Rangoli: chikku/suzhi round kolam


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Beautiful. A different design. Looks like pinnal kolattam.


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I agree with you that sometimes it does not look as bright as we want it to look. The red colour has come out very good. The white design also stands out. Try putting only red and white and see how it looks.

Notwithstanding this, the kolam put by you is very beautiful, elegant and colourful.

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Lovely color kolam.

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no this is gud one. nice kolam. without white kolapodi also

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Colourful circular kolam.

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colorful sikku kolam.....

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Typical design. Nice one

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Different design n it has come out very well...

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Chandy maam, this looks very colorful and neatly done by you... as u know i love ur floor... maybe as u said if u had used yellow along with the other colors, it would have looked brighter but this is beautiful as is as well dear

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Very pretty circular chikku kolam with multicolors....

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Beautiful. rangoli .. a different design. keep it up

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Such a neat piece from you Chandy - the colouring is apt and looks wonderfully made. It is the floor background colour that robs the beauty of this chic kolam. Had you spread a white background and then put these colours it would have looked fantastic. But I still love this kolam very much - the best from your gallery so far I think.