Chitra pournami kolam

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This is the padikolam with squares and triangles. I hope this has comeout much better except the top right corner where my son stepped on it.

Rangoli: Chitra pournami kolam


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hai... lovely design...i just love ur double strokes...

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Wow ! Neat, Bright and Beautiful padi kolam.kaavi is simply super !

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Looks very nice with triangles and swastiks.

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padma is has come out very nice..kaavi gives rich look to this...

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very nice retta vari kanya kolam. gud one

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Really very nicely drawn. How could you draw such thin lines as if with a chalk piece?

Regards! - mOhana

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Hai..your double strokes has come out very well and the whole kolam is giving a nice look...

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karpanai karai purala thuvangivittadu. Go ahed.Very nice.

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This looks superb with neat execution and pretty with kaavi

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hai beautiful padi kolam with kaavi.

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Twin line kolam looking excellent. Lakshmi padma enga irundu vandanga inga Smile

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Wow Padma - so much talent sitting inside you?? Why did it take you so long to display this in this wonderful forum?? I am glad you did atleast now. Hope to see many more lovely creations from you henceforth - very neat work Smile

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Hi Judy, It is RAJUSREE not padma. I am here now uploading my comments. Rajusree its very very beautiful Keep it up. Come ou with some more like this.

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Thank u all for the comments. My name is Padmasree. That's y Lakshmi maam and Judy maam called me padma. No more confusion right?

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nice rettai ezhai padikolam.very neat drawing. The swastiks add the beauty.

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Very neat and lovely padikolam Padma.............-Indira