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I started this to make a geometrical design , but suddendly some chittukuruvies came and sat on the kolam. so changed the design itself. Looks like Amma kuruvies shoting at the kutties "Ennaa? summer holidays aanaa kulikkaama, saappidaama marathu mele aattam pottaa eppadi? Kizhe vaanga"

Rangoli: Chittukuruvi


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Oh kuruvi chitu kuruvi......lovely design,novel idea as usual

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wow very beautiful rajamma mam no words superb rangoli

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hai rajammaji nice colourful kolam and also lovely description for d kolam...

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

Rajamma maam, lovley description for a superb kolam. the cute birds also celebrating Christmas and enjoying the merrygoround. This also reminds of me an old rhyme "Old Mac Donald had a farm " excellent kolam and a lovely design too.

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Excellent kolam. The colors and the kuruvi's looks pretty as always.

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சிட்டுக்குருவிக்கென்ன கட்டுப்பாடு
லீவு என்று
ஆட்டம் போட்டோம்
ராஜம்மா ஆன்ட்டி
எங்களை பிடித்து விட்டார்

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Brindha apt song - Rajam excellent imagination and wonderful kolam - the icing on the cake is the description - really you are great dear and I am proud to say I am your friend Smile

anirudh's picture

wonderful nice sparrows... are they sitting on the appartment attic nests Smile ...superb one rajammaji, thank you.

dibbutn's picture

Rajamma maam the kuruvis are so cute... maami u hv so many wonderful ideas in your brain that u create a normal kolam into a masterpiece really I am so proud of u ... I hv learnt so many ideas from u and implement it too ... tx for all ur wonderful ideas it encourages us to learn so many different things...

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rajjammaji nice kolam. chittugalai pidithu katti pottuvittergale?

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Birdies look so cute! They also look like christmas tree ornaments, and the geometric design has come out nice.

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Which is better, the story or the ragOli?

Regards! - mOhana