Dancing Ganesha

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This is a dancing Ganesha who happily dancing in my house at my living room wall.
This I had done with M.seal and painted with all surface paint.
The orijinal one is of orange colour. I imagined that he is dancing angerily. So I changed the colour into blue. Now I can see his happy face.
I am sending it to arts and crafts title.

Rangoli: Dancing Ganesha


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Viji madam it has come up good.Ornaments are eye catching.

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Saranam Ganesha!!!
Where is ur Moushika?

Very nice Viji mam.

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Thankyou friends forntheFb.
Indirathe mousika afrid of our kitty and hiding somewhere.

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2 days busy,I could not open the site and so many nice works... let me do first PRANAAM to our beloved GANESHA In Blue/black. wonderful dancing pose. welldone , nice art work Viji! To whom you are going to present this?

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Madam, I thought Rajammadam had already left for India! Smile
2 days neenga pesaama site, kalai-aaga illai!

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Viji you mean the ornaments and outline was done with M.Seal....
wow so wonderful - looks like real gold ornaments....
be careful - someone might try to rob the ornaments Ganesha is wearing - now that the price of gold is hitting above the roof....
a beautiful piece of artwork indeed....

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Dear Rajamma Madam
Thanks for the FB.
I have given a space in my living room to this dancing Ganesha. he is happily dancing over there.

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WOOOOOw,wonderful ganesha.