Design with grapes

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This Design with Grapes I created in Photoshop.your coments please.

Rangoli: Design with grapes


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Nice attempt!

If I may, in the places where the grape-bunch ends meet and also in the voids,
the symmetry is not well preserved. May be you tried to do everything in the same
picture. If you do step by step and build it, the outcome could be different.

Regards! - mOhana

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mOhanji your put it rightly, now I can draw step by step.. have moved little further, next rangoli I will take care of your well said suggestions. This desgin I did in my lower class h /e posted recently.
At the end your suggestions / views are most vaulable to us in all respects, infact its like audit to our works.. for timebeing Pavan is occuping PC due to his summer holidays,
shall come out shortly with new desgin.

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Don't know the technicalities, but surely feel like eating it. Mouth is watering.... Must be be you are learning photoshop from Pavan I hope..Pavan's mother's day greetings was excellent.

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Jayanthiji.. many thanks shall pass your greetings to Pavan.

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Good idea!Lakshmi mouth watering kolam .

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Good idea!Lakshmi mouth watering design .

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Hehehe thanks Asha..

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Lakshmi neenga romba moosam... indha veiyal kaalithil ivvalavu rusiyaana dratchai kothukkalai kaati engalai tempt panreenga... now I want to go immediately to the market and search for these grapes to eat.

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Judy hehehehe thank u

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nice lakshmi.I don't know how to use photo shop.It may be wrong the symmetry in photo shop.But in kolam design it is good.You make it one , three, five .we can put border with red in this design.

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Subhashiniji thank u sooo much.

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Kolai kolaiyaa mundhirikka suththi vaarom Naanga!

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Hey amma i will give only 50 mrks for this. hahhahaha

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When young we used to play " Golai Golaika Mundrika Neraya Neraya Suthi va ........." that's all I could remember but now "Golai Golaika Dhirakshipalam etc., etc.," I think this breed of fruit belongs to family called "DIL PASAND" KAISA HI! VAISA HI! KITHANI MOHABAD KITHANI MOHABAD (COURTSY NDTV IMAGINE TV CHANNEL)

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Oh what an idea.
Really a mouth watering kolam.