Designer kolam with white/kaavi kolapodi

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This was put for some function in a hurry, so u can locate some omissions and commissions. But this, my original design, I always put every now and then.

Rangoli: Designer kolam with white/kaavi kolapodi


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A masterpiece!
The curled B-shaped structures outside the star pattern reminds me of a pastry-cookie popular among kids.

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This is indeed a great work. It demonstrates once again that it is really not necessary to spray paint all over the canvas to create beauty. That B-shaped entity looks like the letter a in kannaDa/telugu à°….

Regards! - mOhana

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Rajammaji it looks very beautiful..hmmmm i will try this 2morrow...

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Yes, Lata I too thought of that, the sugar surup coated ones na??

Excellent creation Rajamma - but I am sure if the strokes were bolder then it would have been more wonderful (I know you are very careful with kolapodi), but this was my thought Smile

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Awesome Rajam ma'am this kolam is really a masterpiece!!

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Iam going to call you "Unique Rani". Different strokes which one can think of.

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Rajammaji your kolams are so inspiring.. really beautiful imagination

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That's an awesome kolam Rajammji. i wish i could make kolams like this.

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Thank u all for the nice comments. Judy I'll try to put thick lines with wet kola maavu and try this kolam Ok?

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Pushpa, Is this the kolam you have tried in ur way with wet mavu ?rajamma

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oh! this is beautiful....