Devourella! The Anaconda rangoli

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Don't even think about slithering your way out of here without saying hello to our lovely anaconda Devourella!!. She is silky to the touch and will greet you with a kissss.
Please click the blue arrow-button located at the bottom of the second image, to see the animation.

The Anaconda is found in the Guianas, east of the Andes, mainly in the Amazon, Orinoco Basins and throughout tropical South America. It is considered the biggest snake in the world. These snakes may reach lengths of over 29 feet.The Yellow Anaconda can be found as far south as Argentina.


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Really , a easy method to draw a snake design lata.Thanks for sharing.

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Haiiiii....uiiiii...adadada...ada....ohohoho....super da.....lata...these were d words uttered by my hubby(without knowing by whom this has been done) as he was seeing this animated kolam.....haha...i too enjoyed this dear....nice to see parallel lines lines used for a kolam....

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You have done it in a nice way Lata with parallel lines without dots.


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Wooooow Lata, I just loved this. I never knew drawing this snake was so simple dear. You have made it look so easy and here i am feeling stupid cos I was drawing and drawing and drawing so many times on paper to get a perfect look. Hmm whatever it is ustad is ustad and chela is chela. Good one dear. Miss u and ur work a lot.

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cute animation, sure i should show this to papu this eve, he would enjoy this a lot

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wow lata mam, really really this is so easy way of drawing a snake. thanks a lot for this animation work mam.

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Thanks everybody, glad to know you liked it.
Pushpa, no ustad/chela concept here. Smile Just wanted to mention that a long time back when I had volunteered in a cultural event in a school, this method of drawing a snake rangoli with parallel lines was easily grasped by elementary aged kids (my kid included). Smile

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lata mam very good presentation.... well done mam...


Wow Lathaji Wonderful snake drawing I have ever seen before... Awesome n simple to do... Thanks for sharing mam... Smile

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Wooooooooooooooow Nice demo of anaconda dear

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Vasanthi how are you dear ? welcome back dear