diwali rangoli

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hi everyone this surum from chennai...happy diwali to all....i finished this kolam in one hour..

Rangoli: diwali rangoli


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Welcome to ikolam! Smile
Your Diwali rangoli is beautifully drawn and brightly colored! I like the basic pattern very much.

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Very nice design, nice coloring. you could have taken some more time to decorate it. the outer green color gives a bight look for this design.

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Your rangoli is very beautiful.nice coloring , and looks bright.

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This is good to compete with the best. Why is it here? May be there is still a better one for the contest Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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I knew I had seen this kolam somewhere before, somehow I remembered it was done by Preethi Rajaganesh earlier so I just looked up her gallery and here it is http://ikolam.com/node/666?p=625

Surum you have coloured the kolam well but like Rajamma said I think you should have taken a little more time to perfect this kolam as I can see you have done it very casually... If you take a look at the link I have mentioned above you will see what I mean.... I am sure you can do it next time...

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Beautiful bright rangoli..

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very nice rangoli....yes judy when i saw it i thought it was preethi's....it looks 75% similar to that....

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ya is sooooooooooooo gooood

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very good do u need many more from me