Diwali Rangoli-3

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Here is a collage of the rangolis done individually by my friends Archana, Smitha and Apoorva for Diwali... Smile The swastik design is a sticker. Wink Just thought of sharing for all you to enjoy. Smile

Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli-3


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Thank you Sowmya, for sharing Archana, Smitha, and Apoorva's beautiful rangolis with all of us. The one of the bottom left looks like a dotted one. Any idea about the number of dots? Just a thought; if they had been uploaded separately, your friend's rangolis would have been saved in individual galleries. Also, some of these would have been categorized differently as SB rangolis and dotted ones, respectively. Smile Swastik one doesn't look a sticker. No one would've known if you hadn't mentioned. Though small, it is very nice with contrasting colors. Biggrin

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Thanks a lot for your comment Lata. The dot count is 23-23.. Yes sure from next time I will take care that all the like kolams are combined together. Smile sorry for the inconvenience Sad

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Not an inconvenience at all, Sowmya. Just an excuse to make more galleries for members of Thane. :bigsmile: You see, we have more members from the south, so I would love to make more galleries for people from other parts of India as well, hoping they would keep accumulating more rangolis over time (over the years). Oru peraasai than... selfish Wink
Besides, you have your similar group of friends putting together such works of art for Onam as well, right? Smile

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wow all are very beautiful sowmi :)..first one is aswesome and 3rd one dotted is superb...please give the dot count Smile

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Wow...thanks for sharing ur neighbour's diwali rangolis sowmi...all r so pretty...and yes swathik one doesn't look like a sticker at all after seeing ur hand-made sticker like kolams Blum 3 :bigsmile:

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all are very beautiful.Swastik doesn't look like a sticker.

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Nice company for you inint it dear?
Very pretty kolams.

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Thank you my dear friends for your wonderful comments. The dotted kolam is of 23-23 count. Smile The swastik design is made on a sheet of plastic with normal powdercolours. Even when I saw I was wondering ...here this time i could many rangolis made on sheets, cardboards etc. Smile

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All are very beautiful.thanks for sharing with us.

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wonderful work from your friends, Sowmya.If neighbours also involve in making kolams it is a pleasure to make big kolams. Enjoyed all your recent rangolis too. Smile

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wonderful collections...thanks for sharing

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good idea for sharing.... good work.

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Thanks for the feast of kolams - like variety of sweets for Deepavali. The orange colour put in the rangoli on the lower row is excellent. Smile

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pretty collections,, so sweet of u to share ur frnz wk sowmi Smile

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excellent collection sowmy all creations are lovely.