dotted rangoli

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This is dotted rangoli with 17-1.
very miled colours are used here.
It is at the enterence of firstfloor steps at my house.

Rangoli: dotted rangoli


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Viji, such a beautiful floor u have to try nice kolams. This star design kolam is very pretty with nice mild shades, plasing to see.

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Thankyou Rajamma mam. Your wards are really so encouraging.
After seeing your brown Rabgoli, me too tried it out in miniature form.

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very beautiful kolam viji.Nice coloring too.

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pretty kolam

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Nice one with colours used only for shading and effects. Nice way of colouring.

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Wow...viji mam...alternate violet and pink col used makes this kolam look gorgeous...hmmmm waiting to see more....

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Pink and violet colour combinatioin is too good Viji Mam.

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Such a Beatiful Creation, Viji Ma'am.... colouring and shades r awesome...... background definitely adds up to its beauty

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I am jealous

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viji madma ur pink beauty looks very very nice.waiting to see more and more...

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Very pretty...

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very pretty kolam done by you viji mam...nice colours used ....the floor makes the kolam much brighter

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Very nice kolam viji mam...

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nice shades

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Very lovely kolam with beautiful coloring.

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WoW Viji Maam, Pretty kolam..Good usage of floor color in the kolam.

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very nice kolam with beautiful shading strokes and nice colour combination.

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Very nice Viji!

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Simply superb and nice method of partial colouring. As the background is red, the base colouring has enhanced the charmness of the kolam.

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Thanks friends for the lovely comments.
I used to hesitate uploading my kolam thinking that and this.
Now all your comments making me happy and encouragement.
Thanks again.

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Very nice kolam with neat colouring effect.


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So happy to see real kolams from you after ekolams Viji - super work Smile