Everyday Kolams

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Kolam done at the entrance to my home yesterday using white and coloured rangoli powders.

Rangoli: Everyday Kolams


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You're right, this is an everyday kolam. But, the extra frills that you've added makes this one look even more beautiful! Smile
The design at the center is one that my grandma makes often (without any embellishments though). Sometimes, in villages, where most people make kolams in mornings and evenings, design like this one comes in handy! Smile

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An ordinary kOlam has been dressed as a bride on her wedding day!

Regards! - mOhana

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As latha said the kolam is beautiful.Latha, my grandma also made the centre design with two lines ,in everyday kolam .me too.

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Very Beautiful Kolam, Ma'am......

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Cute and sweet rangoli janakiji,keep it up.

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Nice way of dressing an ordinary kolam making it look grand Smile

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Cute and beautiful one