Flowers in glass bowl

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I have decorated some flowers in glass bowl with water.Your comments please.

Rangoli: Flowers in glass bowl


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beautiful flowers, even Ganesha is lost in admiring them!

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so lovely...what type of flowers r they one i think dahlia...(centre one) what about d others...

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Anu maam what a coincidence I too happen to have a Ganesha statue with the same metal but different pose and I also happen to keep flowers in a bowl like this in front of him... same pinch. Maybe I will upload it same some time.

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The Ganesha looks very pretty and the bright colored flowers look fab.

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Ghanesha is admiring the beautiful flowers, btw, is Ganesha reading a book?

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Nice floating flowers. The gaNESa looks like the Chinese buddha.

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautiful flower arrangement.

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Hi Friends,
Thanks for your wonderful comments.

The center flower is Ranunculus and the other two are one kind of Chrysanthemum.I am not sure if Ranunculus is one among Chrysanthemum kind, the leaves look similar to Chrysanthemum.

dibbutn, Same pinch to you too : ) waiting to see your pictures

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wow!!looks very very nice...

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Very nice work!!! Ganesa also with "exam tension"


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Pretty flowers.. Nice arrangement..

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Divine Smile