Free Hand Kolam

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Inspired by you all, I made this freehand design for one friday and enriched with kavi.

Rangoli: Free Hand Kolam


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hai padma...beautiful kavi kolam...d freehand design is lovely...

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padma, this design lookds very bright even though it is simple. the kaavi gives a rich look

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simple yet marvellous kolam

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simple and nice freehand kolam.

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padma simple but sweet...beautiful strokes..i like the rangavalli.hmmm let me try it later...

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very neat and nice padma.

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So simple and very neatly done Padma. I like the way you have added the frills - very cute Smile

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Thank you Rani, sudha,Nitya,Aruna,Lakshmi,Veni and hoove(i dont know the name sorry) for ur valuable comments. lakshmi if you can try this it will be much brighter than this with your embroidary touch.

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Hi padmaji, Simply super kolam ..........

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Padma maam your kolam is simple and pretty... your kaavi too is very dark and nice

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This is so pretty that it looks like a stencil pattern.

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautiful kolam with well maintained symmetry.

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very neat and symmetrical free hand design kolam. Simple kolam became very rich by the cute kaavi. (Padma in the morning In a hurry I typed the comment and it is missing... may be in the hurry I did not click on Post comment colomn... this mistake I often do.)

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sweet kolam.-Indira Sundar

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nice kolam with kaavi.

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nice design. gud one.

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Thank you radpri(sorry dont know the name), Pushpa,Jkm sir, Rajusree, Rajamma,Indira,Subhasini and alamelu for your sweetest comments. Rajamma mam, dont worry about the (mis)posting. Your blessings and inspiration will be there for us always. Even I do the same mistake sometimes.

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A beautiful and very elegantly done.

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Beautiful kolam padma. இந்த checks designukke ஒரு அழகு தனிதான் . Lakshmi, உங்க secretum அதுதானோ ?

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Beautiful kolam padma. இந்த checks designukke ஒரு அழகு தனிதான் . Lakshmi, உங்க secretum அதுதானோ ?