freehand kolam

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hi all..happy to share this kolam done by my durga aunt last week when we were celebrating my grandparents Sadaabhishegham ( grandpa's 80th birthday) grandma conveyed her blessings to all our ikolam family Smile Smile

Rangoli: freehand kolam


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thank u ammu for the wishes...convey our wishes too Dirol very pretty hi to durga Smile

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Thank you so much ammu for the blessings. The kolam looks superb with decorated lamp and crowned duck. :party:

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Very nice rangoli....convey my wishes to durga.. Smile

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thank you for their blessings and also my namaskarams to them. Very nice kolam. :party:

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Lovely free hand drawing from Durga. The cute peacocks are very pretty. Convey our love to her and regards to your grandma for her blessing!
( Do not miss to try out the new puzzle and enjoy the arattai in that coloumn)

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oh yes aunty...did a kolam as mom said(24pieces)....and have submitted....still trying trying to form with 25 pieces....although have made one but d overall rangoli isn't of a good shape... so hesitating whether it is d correct one :~ Smile

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Thank you Ammu for giving us this cute looking kolam with pretty looking peacocks... My regards to your grandparents and a very big compliment to your Durga aunty.

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Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful kolam of your Durga aunty Chandini. A very neat execution with cute peacock design. :star: :star: Convey our regards to your grand parents Smile

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Wow, lovely kolam done by ur Durga aunty. Thanks for conveying the wishes of your grand parents.

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thanks a lot everybody for enjoying durga aunty's kolam and leaving ur encouraging comments...shall convey all of ur views to her Smile Smile

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Nice work and good borders too! Hope the function went off well. A little doubt. How is it SatAbhishEkam is celebrated at 80? Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks a lot jkm ammu is still asleep Blum 3 I am taking d liberty to answer ur query.It seems a man has to witness 1000 pirais(new moons) in his life which usually happens when he completes his 80th birthday....then d couple can celebrate their sadaabhishegham....infact if you can please read yesterday's (23rd june) Dinakaran daily its Aanmeega issue my fil(L.Natarajan from Pudukkottai) had asked ur same doubt to its author and the answer was published it seems...we still haven't read it Smile

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I know this. It is called sahasra chandra darSana. But this occurs after completing 80 years, 10 months, 7 days in the 81st year, not at 80. That is why I asked about it. Also in India most people celebrate birthdays a year earlier Smile What I mean is - they say they celebrate the 60th birthday when they finish 59 and reach 60 and not when they complete 60. Here you say you are 60 when you complete 60 years, i.e., on the 61st birthday. This also causes considerable confusion. In fact, before I left to this country in 1980, I attended a friend's SCD function and we bathed him also on that day. My wife has two relatives who are hundred not out! May the gentleman be showered with God's blessings! Regards! - mOhana

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Yes jkm sir ...u r right...infact we thought of celebrating d ceremony last year itself(fil's birthdate is 7-10-1931)...but then our purohidars said you have to conduct d ceremony only when my fil completes his 80th we waited till this yr and then happily finished off d function. Smile

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Wow, lovely kolam...nice border...