Friday Kavi kolam

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induji very nice kolam

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Very pretty! Birds, smilies.....done with good taste!

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Fantastic creation, nice imagination and different style, good, very good

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nice imagination and looks pretty....trying the same with wet maavu can make it more brighter.

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Beautiful kolam Latha. THe design looks very different than the regular ones. Good creativity.

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Beautiful and different..

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Indhuji, your stylish strokes tell that you are very good in drawing. with ease you are creating new designs I think.Enjoyed each minute details of this design. Good job.

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Induji you have a very specific and different way of doing your kolams which stands out from the others... very nicely done ma'am

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Very nice mam.. The curves and designs are very beautifully done...

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This is a very nice pattern, simple but eye-catching!

Regards! - mOhana

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Neatly done Indu

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மிகவும் அற்புதம்

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hi.. i just came across this website recently..
i have more than 100 kolams which i wish to upload..
can anyone advice me how to post it?? Smile

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Indu Raghavan( hope i have guessed the name correctly) madam, happy to know that you are akolam lover and got a treasure to share with us.First become a member. If u r already a member then go to the right up corner of this page, click 'rangoli' under the head 'create content... which will open a new page where in you can fill up the details and in the down u find uploading details, try once if you have doubts, there are many people to giude you. but donot upload all 100 kolams at a stretch, you can send a few first for the Admins work to become easy. ( see there is a big queue already) all the best!