Friday Line Kolam

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Friends I drew this wet flour kolam this Friday and for gaps in between filled the colour powder..your views please..

Rangoli: Friday Line Kolam


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Wow Vasanthi, this is a very beautiful one dear. Good job dear.

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thank yo so much pushpa...please go through this link also....(its all becoz of your guidance and encouragement)

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Oye Vasanthi, i have no part to play in this pa, it is just the guidance i got from ikolam members that I shared with u, so i cant take the credit for this dear. I saw the other kolam too dear. Looks very pretty.

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very beautiful and gud one. thick lines in maa kolam. very nice. you can draw thin lines by taking cotton only a little bit so that the lines will be very thin and more beautiful. It is not that this kolam is not gud. A small suggestion. Dont take it otherwise. Still your kolam looks very beautiful Vasanthi

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what a simple beauty ! very nice vasanthi.

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wow fantastic vasanthi!-suguna murugesan

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Wow...vasanthi...lovely lamp design extended as a line nice dear....

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very attractive col combo.always old com is good(ie.white and kaavi) super vasanth.

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thank you alamelu mam, suba, suguna mam, rani mam & bala mam (yes mam..white and kaavi..will give a traditional look...).

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Very simple and beautiful!

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Very beautiful kolam Vasanthi. Neat presentation.


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Very very pretty maa kolam with colours uniform it looks...

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Bright and beautiful.

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thank you prafullamukhi, maha, sowmya mam and rajammaji.

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the triangle centered flower looks like a newer version of orchids, thanks for sharing

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Dr. Rekhaji...hope you r not angry with me....

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No dear infact i loved this geimetrical design and infact i have typed the comment also probably i cliked before it got uploaded .