friday special kolam

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i wanted to make beautiful inner designs like brindha mam or lakshmi mam but i could not succeed but this looks ok to me,ur views please

Rangoli: friday special kolam


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Very nice with beautiful lotus in the four corners

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deepa it has come out very nice.okkkkkkk!!!

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Lovely Deepa - ohhhh those lotus flowers always attract my attention (pssssttt still patiently waiting for that mud background kolam)

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You have your own style Deepa. your kolam always attracts me also (like Judy). I think, you were in a hurry while making this, that is why this is not up to your regular standard. anaalum nallave irukku:)

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Hi Deepa, the kolam is beautiful. Every one has their own style and I too like your kolam which is more traditional one. We have to learn the various types of kolam and immitation with our own touch will always be different and good.

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Pretty kolam...

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Kolam is very nice. Sisters Brinda, Lakshmi, Rajamma are Phd holders in kolam!

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Deepa you are doing a good job.
Keep on doing it dear.

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thank u so much to all dear mam's , judy mam sorry yaar,will upload it soon

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Nice design & neat execution. Thanx for sharing