Grapevine for the garden

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This is a dotted kolam with dot count 29 to 15 center dots done using MS paint. Hope you like it..

Rangoli: Grapevine for the garden


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The grapes look quite interesting Pushpa. Only thing is that the colour of the leaves are not bright enough and the background should have been something different.. The grapes look tempting though Smile

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Pushpa, eppolirundhu MS paintukku thaavittenga?Onga dhrakshai kodikku veettu vaasalile edem kidaikkalayaa?
Indha grapes color romba super, aanaal elai color konjam dull.

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Rajamma maam yes since I dont hv enuf space in front of my house I use MS paint for the big kolams

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Nice grapes, must be sent to a California winery Smile

Regards! - mOhana