Guess which movie?

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This person sure seems to have fun jumping on a colorful rangoli. This clip is from an Indian movie. Would you like to guess the name of the movie, and/or the name of the actor?

Rangoli: Guess which movie?


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Looks like kamal in salangai oli...i remember his kurtha pajama...this same col in d movie...but those legs look like a female's give us a hint about the language of d movie dear..:)

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This clip is from the movie "Punnagai Mannan"in which Revathi does a dance sequence. A very good song sung by Vani Jayaram.

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is it sandya in navarang or shammikapoor or me ..ahah Rekha i mean..let me try again

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lata plese give at leastone hint .is it hindi movie?

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kishore kumar/vijyanthimala in rangoli

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one of the film i don't remember which wherin the heroprobably shashikapoor? splashes the colour on heroine(probably hema malini) wearing white saree..lataji at least one hint please

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Dr.Rekha, it is a tamil movie. Sowmya's guess is correct. It is a tamil movie called Punnagai mannan, and the actress is Revathy.

Do you memorize the various patterns seen on movies, Sowmya? No wonder you keep your designs literally at your finger tips. Smile

Rani, I like how you ruled out the feet being a man's. Great way to get close to the answer. :0

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anil kapoor in virasat i right lataji

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Nice Guessing game.