Hanuman kolam

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Hanuman- The monkey god

Hanuman is a god of supernatural powers, who posseses great health and amazing strength, wit and wisdom. He has the body of a human and monkey, that symbolizes his extraordinary strength and agility. His physical strength, enriched by supernatural powers, was given to him by birth and blessings of Lord Rama for Hanuman's selfless service and devotion. He represents a life of service to God. He is praised for his devotion, ability to help and serve. We worship Hanumanji with offerings of butter, sandalwood paste and a mala (garland) of dal vadas (fried lentil patties).

Hanuman kolam is drawn in the pooja room to invoke the blessings of Lord Hanuman. The mountain here represents your problems, which get driven away by Lord Hanuman. After drawing the Hanuman kolam, devotees chant the Hanuman shlokas.


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wonderful lata, As far as i know the loops should be seven to one not five lata, even i do not know the description i think only JKM sir can provide us the full details regarding this.

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may be lord hanuman crossed 7 seas carryinng the sanjeevani parvatha for lakshmana when he fell unconscious. i do not know if i am correct or wrong. there are someother stories too in writing this .

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Thanks for this Hanuman Kolam

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lovely kolam...yes sudha..

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very nice kolam superb one. Smile