Happy birthdays spl kolam

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Hello JKM.Sir and Jaya Mam....wish you a very very happy birthday...please accept this kutty rangoli on my behalf :bigsmile:

Rangoli: Happy birthdays spl kolam


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wow!!wonderful gift...nice creation...happy birthday mOhanaji, and Jayaji... Smile :party:


Wow cute n sweet gift rani dear... Superb one... Smile

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rangOli may be kuTTi, but the heart is big! Thank you very much rANI ma'am for your fine gesture. May God bless you and our other ikOlam friends. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to jayA ma'am! An exercise for our friends. Since we share the same birthday, find out anything common between us Smile Regards! - mOhana

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Common thing? Both are senior citizens? Wink

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This is easy! Both like everything that has to do with rangolis. They also like to solve challenging puzzles! Two really creative friends that ikolam is blessed with! Smile

I would like to add one more; Both have all sons. :bigsmile: ( had it easy...in my book. Lucky!) :party:

I'm happy to mention that both have been to my house. Wish they would visit again soon though. Biggrin

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Thank you, Rani, for your cute gift to both me and JKMji! I am overwhelmed!

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Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to both Jaya Ma'm and JKM Sir. Smile

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Happy Birthday Jaya maam... Similarities according to me is that both have been encouraging to all beginners and have been unbiased while giving comments.

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Ranima I liked this very very cute looking kolam a lot. Very nicely done dear.

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Jaya maam and Rao sir
TUm jiyo hazaron saal .Saal ke din ho pachas Hazar...Happy birthday to you .Happy birthday to you jaya maam and Rao sir ............. and isi taraha hame sahi raha dikathe rahena .Aap longon ke aashirwaad hame milthe rahe .

Sahi mei donhonki dil bahut bada aur kupsurat hai .Donhonhi bade vidvan hon .
Yes as per my observation both are very intelligent very knowledgeable and the beauty lies in the simplicity .I see my guide (guru) in you.
Sir & Ma’am let us celebrate your birthday.....

Rani ,push ,laxmi,uma,teacherji.... chalo decide the venue, menu and dress code .....Mai chali tayar hone....

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Rekhaji, there is a proverb in Tamil which says 'பூவோடு சேர்ந்த நாரும் மணம் பெறும்' which means 'the thread that ties the flower also gets the fragrance'! Just because I share my birthday with JKM sir, I am getting all credits due to him too!

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jaya,neengal poovodu serndha naar alla
vasamigu malargalil ondru.[ada,samayathil "singaara velanay deva padalin mudhal vasana varigal marandhu vittadhu,.pl vungalukku therindhaal neengalay solikkoLLavum,illavittal rajammavidam kettu therindhu kolavum.}

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jaya,appdiyay ennoda kolathaiyum paarthuvidungalen.

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தேனோடு கலந்த தெள்ளமுது , கோல நிலவோடு சேர்ந்த குளிர் தென்றல்!
How is my memory, Suba?

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Raniji kahan ho aap .chalo karenghe aaj sab milker double DAMAKA.........

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very beautiful gift to them rani.

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simple beauty Rani, beautiful gift for both of them. Happy birthday Jayamam and JKM sir.

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lovely red pattern ,,,, pretty gift

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Oh thanks a lot friends for ur views...thanks jkm sir and jaya mam for accepting this kutty gift....rekhaji....chalo...chalo...aayeeeee meinnnn....Oppa ganghnam style Blum 3 Wink Biggrin

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rani,mere kamr tho double damakakeliye kab se taiyar hai .kabi edar tho kabi udar badkthhai .saberese hi kushi ke mare nach raha hai .

Jaya Mama some time the thread also augments the beauty of the flower .Here I salute both of you for your down to earth nature and the guidance you give to us time and again .I pray thaat i will get your guidance for another 100 + years maam

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Very pretty rani....lovely dedication Smile

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Wonderful gift from You Rani. So nice kolam