Ice Queen Rangoli

I like this pattern a lot for a rangoli. The white color simulates the use of rangoli powder, against the earthy brown background.

Rangoli: Ice Queen Rangoli


wow, lovely design latha.perfection is in your kolam too.

Beautiful!!looks like garlic kolam!!center part looks very nice...

is this garlic or white onion?

very nice ....its done on the photoshop right?...i dont know how to use it :(

Ankita, get it installed first. You'll pick up things as you go along :) Thanks everybody, actually, I had used the insides of this design in another rangoli. And this one looks like frogs to me. :)

Lata, inner red flower formed is very nice. nice red/white combination, feel like trying it with wet maavu. rajamma

Wow, what a lovely kolam, the inner design is really superb

Kannai parikuthe... cute pattern for stencil work.. Well it looks garlic to me and searching for frogs....

tempting me to try this lata 8)