iKolam Karinval - Kolam Collage

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Here is collage of few kolams we all tried in the meet.

Rangoli: iKolam Karinval - Kolam Collage


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All of them look very beautiful! Great work guys and gals. Smile

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வாவ்... எல்லாமே அழகோ அழகு மேடம்...

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வாவ்... எல்லாமே அழகோ அழகு ..

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every kolam is so lovely...esp ajji's chat phat kolam ...

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great and nice kolam. all kolams are gud dear

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Allame arumai.

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All the kolams are beautiful. We can see few borders also here. பாட்டியின் கோலம் மிக அழகு Smile

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Extremely beautiful assembly of hand drawn patterns. Congratulations all the artists!

Regards! - mOhana

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All the kolams r extremely beautiful. Thanks to Anirudh for this collage.

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So can anyone guess which is my kolam :DDDDDDDD... Talaaaaaa how r u? actually i dint get time to write u after our telecon.. Hws life? Blore meet was rocking.. We were planning that next time during ur visit to india, a meet to be arranged where all members (Pan india basis.. haha) should assemble. We will hire a Marriage hall and the whole day will spend time... Hows the plan??

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Wow ! Amazing ! varieties of kolam and each one of them are beautiful !

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vidhya where is ur gost kolam??

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Each kolam is preetty in its own way ,U guys had a rocking time is it?????

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When experts meet what would be the outcome... Lovely kolams...

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Thanks Anirudh for uploading..

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Each and every kolam is really lovely - hats off Neel Kamals Smile