Judy's Family (Mother's side)

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2010 Christmas was very special. It was not only the first festival at Mum's new home but that my sister and her hubby who lived in USA for more than 15 yrs were here and also for the first time in many years, Mum's two sisters (one from Australia and one from Delhi) visited us for Christmas. This was taken at around 3 am on 25th Dec after we got back from midnight mass. Let me start the introduction from the men standing behind the Christmas tree. L to R is my youngest brother David, my hubby Dhanasekaran (known as Danny at my Mums' place) and my sister's hubby Ramesh. Sitting on the right in front of the tree is my sweet Mum with my son Gerry and daughter Anita and the 3 ladies L to R is my bro's wife Noreen, my sister Jenny and of course me...

Rangoli: Judy's Family (Mother's side)


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Very nice! Smile

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judy very nice and happy family .ur children are very cute, judy this is jenny who writes nice poems .Am i right have gone through all her poems submitted in ikolam all of them are unique and excellent in its own way

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very lovely! thanq for sharing!-suguna murugesan

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Thank you Lata - I thought it would get published only tomorrow.

Thanks a lot Rekha for your sweet comments and yes she is the same Jenny...

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hahh ha what a grt smiling foto,,,judy it doesnt look like 3 am, u all look so fresh with a broad smile, jenny and u both look like twins, in 2 difrnt get ups(something like a cinema dual role) isnt it?

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Very nice photo of a happy family with your proud mother at the centre. Your children are very good looking and cute.

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Lovely photo. nice to see... your whole family members. in a snap... judy mam thanks for your sharing ikolam members...


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Beautiful family photo, Judy. All the smiling faces - make this snap extra spl. And let me tell u something now; i have seen only your profile pic till now & I never thought you had such grown up children!! Pl believe me... ! Thanks for sharing this lovely photo... (The Christmas tree decoration looks very attractive!)

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Nice to see your family picture!thanks for sharing with us...

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Thanks Judy for sharing this photo.
The love and affection oozing out of your mums eyes , I could feel it from here. I have seen your sister and son, Anita looks very familiar.nice to see others also. Convey our love and best wishes to them all and regards to your loving mother. Yes , this x'mas and the photo will be very special to you.

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Wow...such a lovely smiling family photo...thanks da for sharing judy...

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Very nice family photo Judy... I can see the festive mood &happiness on all your faces. Thanks for sharing...

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very nice!-suguna murugesan

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Nice family reunion under the Christmas tree.

Regards! - mOhana

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Judy Mam very nice to see your family photo and lovely christmas tree decorations... thanks for sharing it ..

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Very happy to see your family photo,judy.Thanks for sharing.

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Judy, lovely family .. thanks for sharing..--Indira Sundar

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Thanks a lot Uma (haha dual role!!), Pragaya, Julien, Sindhu (blush, blush... actually if Anita hears a comment like this which comes very often, she will ask - now is that a compliment for my Mum or an insult for me??), Laks, Rajam (Anita looks familiar because she is a xerox copy of me - will definitely pass on your wishes to my Mum), Rani, Jayanthi, Suguna, JKM (absolutely), Radhika, Veni and Indira for your sweet comments..

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Great union of children and grandchildren! The happiness reflects in your mom's face!

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Thanks Jaya - as always (with all mothers I think) whenever all of us go to Mum's place all her aches and pains disappear and she is fresh as a flower...

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Very pretty family picture Judy. I can see the completeness in your mother's face by having everyone around her Smile

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Oh! That was for sure meant only as a compliment, Judy. Nothing against your daughter!! In fact, since she is your xerox copy, she also has the same pretty looks as you..!! For sure, she has inherited your charming smile too... Smile

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thanks for sharing judy.....yes judy-jenny -- sita aur geeta Smile

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Oh How come I missed the Lovely Family Picture. Thanks for sharing with us Judy.
All our aches and pains vanishes when we go (the thought will do the wonders) to our Mum's home, am I correct Judy Smile
And about the compliment and insult, Grrr. I was in Anita's Place, some years back, mm to till date too.. Another Grr..:)
My special wishes to Anita.

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Thanks Sowmi (absolutely), Sindhu (thanks once again), Anirudh (haha) and Vinci (same pinch with Anita ah?? will definitely pass on your wishes to her) for your lovely comments..

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Judy mam, Nice to see your family picture here. Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks a lot Maha..