Karthigai kolam

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This is a simple kolam drawn on the day of karthigai...(izhai kolam)

Rangoli: Karthigai kolam


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It looks wonderful, Vijaya Ma'am...

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very nice kolam & arrengement of lights..

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Vijaya I like those kutty kutty lamps in your kolam, they are very cute... I feel that if all the agal vilakkus were facing the outside direction like the lamps in your kolam it would have given a better effect... anyone agree with me??

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Judy Ma'am, I agree with you.....at the first sight of this pic I too was wondering the same as u.... but then i made out that all the lamps are pointing towards the left, and I concluded that Vijaya Ma'am has captured this pic from the backside of the arrangement.... May be the front view wouldnt hv raised this doubt at all.... But as a whole, this one is really very lovely....