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my kolams are given daily to ikolam do u want many more?

Rangoli: Kolam


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Premaragu! Smile

What a beautiful first submission! I like the double-stroked curls throughout your elaborately decorated rangoli! This kaavi is the darkest I've seen lately.

But, I don't understand your statement!? Smile
(please don't give out your email in the site).

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What a beautiful work?

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Brilliant work Ms.Premaragu!
no question of asking us , we want many many .........more:)beautiful rangoli's like this.

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Wow - what a beautiful presentation. If you look in details this kolam is drawn very casually with no particular concentration on symmetry, but the way it is presented makes it look outstanding. The bold kavi effect is what makes it look so grand I think... The double strokes and the way it is laid out is so perfect.. A really BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL kolam - Excellent Prema - I like this very much. (So one more ragu for intricate work I think) waiting and watching for more treats like this one Smile

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Very nice kolam...the bold kaavi gives rich look.nice stroks...... waiting to see more of ur creations premaji.

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Very Beautiful Kolam, Prema Ma'am....... Have no words to describe its beauty......Just waiting to see More of such wonderful creations........

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Congratulations for such a beautiful creation! The red band adds a distinct look. Nice intricate details. The two raghus must meet and discuss!

Regards! - mOhana

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Entry with a big bang...Awesome.. Do you do homework before sketching down or just start off with a simple design and add details to it?

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Premaragu, beautifully done .this pattern looks more like Lakshmiraghu's chiken work doily:)

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Mam, I am speechless... Excellent mam.. So much of patience to draw it mam..

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Rettai ezhaiyil potta indha designer kolam is super, the bold kaavi is the highlight. Premaragu madam, your first entry itself is super, looking for more.

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Prema ma'am very beautifully done... the double strokes and especially the deep red kaavi design gives it an elegant look... we want more... we want more!!!

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Superb,very attractive and a feast to eyes.

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excellent finishing, it is really marvellous

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super kolam for putting on fridays with kavi.it gives full happiness and satisfaction to see.pls give us many more and more kolams like this thank you.

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Madam Premaraghu
chumma kalakitange ponga................................