kolam with dots

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hai to all....this dotted kolam 14-14 dots was done by me...ur views pl....

Rangoli: kolam with dots


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Nice pulli kolam.

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beautiful kolam.

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thank u viji mam and sreegiri....

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Nice Mat Kolam Rani Maam.. This picture resolution looks fine for viewing..

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thank u vinci...maam vendaame...

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Lovely sikku kolam.(nan poda vandha kolam.he he..)

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Beautiful sikku kolam. Without kavi also its looking great RAni. Very neatly executed.

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thank u veni..(.adadaa enna coincidence) and padma....

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Beautiful sikku kolam

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thank u lakshmiiii...where r u now-a-days....

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Very Excellent & uniform strokes

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thanks jasree...

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Very nice kolam Rani maam. I am answering ur question u asked me . I don't put the kolam in pavement because it's too small. So only in the garage (car). So very rarely people see that. But today one marketing lady came and was wondering what is that and wanted to try. I gave her little kolapodi but she couldn't do it. Anyways thanks for encouraging me.

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thanks padma and so sad to know that ur kolam area is not near d roadside where passers by can have a glance at ur wonderful creations.....

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NIce kolam, Rani. Even i am putting big kolams in the place available at my backyard. only small kolams at the front side.

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thank u brinda...hmmm...waiting to see ur big kolams....

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rani, Iam putting seperate notebook for yours and Veni's chikku kolams. wherefron you got such lovely chikku kolams. ?

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thank u rajamma mam...i have kolam pages cut from old tamil magazines....glad u like all sikku kolams....thanks again...

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Rani I must appreciate that your kolams are getting neater by the day, and this is almost the neatest kolam so far - just the right proportion of everything - super yaar, keep it up Smile

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thank u judy...

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very nice rani

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thank u usha mam....