Kolams for all seasons

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15 - 8 interweaving. Bunches of colours to make your day bright!

Rangoli: Kolams for all seasons


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Very nice rangoli Maya. The colors look pleasing, and the pattern in beautiful.
I do have a request...can you increase the lighting a bit? I had to adjust the lighting in your contest rangoli too, and I've this fear of changing the color intensity, meaning...if I play with the lighting too much to make the images brighter, you'll start seeing completely different shades of each color than what you'd initially chosen. And, you wouldn't want that.

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Absolutely stunning! This is definetly going into my favorites!!!!

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Yes, this is indeed a very beautiful rangOli. I like the way in which
it is drawn so that the symmetry is preserved in colour too. The
colours are quite pleasing, they don't blind the eyes!
Congratulations for a very good effort. Regards! - mOhana

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Extremely beautiful .can u post the same rangoli without colours please... only the dots and the sketch.