Krishna Jayanthi Kolam

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Hello Friends,This kolam drawn today. Your views on this....Celebrating Krishna Jayanthi!!!!

Rangoli: Krishna Jayanthi Kolam


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Very Nice Kuzhal kolam. Thanx for sharing

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Wow, very beautiful kolam, i thought you are specalist in sikku kolam, but after seeing this, i think iam wrong, you are a specialist in all kolam,

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Superb Veni maam... I loved this... it is different from ur usual chikku kolams... this proves u r an expert in whatever u do.. excellent work and I loved the kaavi u hv used

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Thank you jasree,nithya and pushpa.

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Beautiful Kuzhal kolam Veni. What a diversion suddenly from sikku kolam. Very nice.

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Though this is not made with kuzhal, it looks like that. such a neat and parallel lines you have made, Rani! The small curvy designs also the border are nicely made.

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Thank you padma and brinda.

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looks superb and perfect pa,, ranis touch is smwhr ovr here,, isnt it veni?

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I think the centre squares are made with Kuzhal and the outer extensions with hand. Whatever it is it is a wonderful, neat and attractive kolam. outer border is super.

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Awesome Veni Madam, புள்ளிகோலம் மட்டுமில்லை படிகோலமும் போடுவேன்னு இப்படி அதிரடியா அசர வச்சிடீன்களே!!

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wow so perfect parallel lines....nice & different one from our sikku expert..thanks for sharing

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Veni, amazing work. Smile

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Nice to see an elaborate Padikolam from a chikku kolam specialist Veni and that too a very good one - well done Smile

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simply superb