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I tried a small chikku kolam with kuzhal, friends your views please.



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Very pretty KK Vasanthi.


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vasanthi,simple and very cute .nice colour combinations too

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vasanthi,simple and very cute .nice colour combinations too

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Nice kuzhal kolam. Pleasing colour combination. The slanting pic. of the kolam is different and stylish.

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Thank you maha, Dr. Rekhaji & Pragya mam (@ pragya mam, actually this a very big size kuzhal kolam, cannot capture from my mobile camera, so went to first floor and captured the picture, that too 45 degree only i could capture the image)

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Very neat and beautiful kuzhal kolam vasanthi.

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Very neat and pretty kuzhal kolam Vasanthi.

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woooooowwwwwwwwwwww nice one vasanthi., so u ready to kalakkal in kuzhul kolam.... welldone


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Aahaa...lovely sikku kolam in kuzhal...reminds me of my first trial of d same one...just see this vasanthi.... http://www.ikolam.com/node/16526?p=11788

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Nice work, vasantI ma'am. This is nothing but a 2x5 sOnA pattern with 3 and 1 dot extensions on either side of five dots. I remember to have generalised this at one time. Very beautifully drawn with pipes.

Regards! - mOhana

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thank you julien, rani mam (i saw your version also mam, superb) and JKM Sir for your encouraging comments.

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nice presentation with gud col choice, a pretty wk

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lovely kolam vasanthi.

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Beautiful KK!