kuzhal photo

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hai sjnt anty,thisis my different type of kuzhal.firstone is 8lines kuzhal,seconed lotus design kuzhal ,third flower design kuzhal.i bought this kuzhal in salem kottai mariyamman kovil street.

Rangoli: kuzhal photo


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thanks a lot for d information...aruna....

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So the first kuzhal does the magic in your kolams... Thanks for sharing the picture..

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aruna Thanks for sharing the picture with us

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Aruna maam tx for sharing ur kuzhals with us...this will help us when we cm across kuzhals

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so sweet of you Aruna to upload a picture of the different kuzhals you have - thanks a lot for showing your magic wands Smile

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Thank you aruna, for the most needful information. I was waiting for this.

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Oh.. this is the kuzhal? I have one with me. Wait... have to see which one it is and where it is.....Tjhank you for sending the foto.