Layers of border

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This is a free hand rangoli drawn in front of my house.

Rangoli: Layers of border


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Hi Lakshmi
Very nice kolam. I cannot try your kolams. Because I dont have a big frontyard like this. I am haqving my own doubt whether how your DH and SON are crossing the outeryard? Because they dont have the heart to destroy the kolam. How How How

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Viji madam , both of them have no hearts they hv given to me hehe ...
Including DH , Son , & colony people all do circus while crossing... belive
its is a scene to look from my window .....

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May be they are doing MGR stunt.
Lakshmi, I want to know your neighbours comments for your work, Please share with us.

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WHAT ?? no its SUPER STAR stunts ...... Rajammji.
The comments from my colony people PLUS comments from IKOLAM members is almost on same line which makes to do.. Think I should bow my heads to all peoples. Almost all
people see this everyday and pass some comments and most of them aviod walking on rangoli, they do ring door bell and pass the me.... Some time I do get
good patting from visitors of our colony...

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Lakshmi i like the outer layer. very beautiful

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Indira thank u very much

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Hi Lakshmi
Very nice and symmetrical kolam.

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Kameswari thank uuuu