Lotus rangoli

dot count:15x1
Strokes are metal colored, made in Photoshop.

Rangoli: Lotus rangoli


very beauiful

Thank you Lakshmi2000, (I'll get back to you regarding your questions). :)

thks for your reply

good color combination

Looks like stained glass, great! Regards! - mOhana

woow it is so beautiful

woow it is so beautiful, looking exztremely elegant

Thank you Sujatha, Mohanaji and Sudha. Stained glass look was intentional. My friend's husband makes elegant stained glass lamps for his home. I could only make it this way. :)

very very nice to see and easy to learn

your stained glass kolam is so beautiful.

Stained glass effect is super, and so is the colors. And the kolam too, beautiful lotus on straight dots.

wow!!green looks like jade...beautiful purple lotus!!!

lovely, I'll try it on my black granite. rajamma

Great creation Lata. I had missed it earlier.

wooh it is wonderful to look.