Maa Kolam

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This is a free hand maakolam drawn in front of thulasi brindhavanam.

Rangoli: Maa Kolam


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Lakshmi, You are very casual in maakkolam too!

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Jayaji thank uuuuuu

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How did u draw such thin lines using wet maaavu?

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Yes, Lakshmi Madam has magic in her hands Smile , so she is able to write so thin lines...check out her other crochet designs they are amazing.

thumba chennagi bandide Lakshmi aware.

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Anirudh Avare thumbha dhanyavadagalu...magic....illa hehehe practice only....

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Sumathi..thank u..drawn with finger only....

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Lakshmi your r great ,actually the design looks like stencil cut

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Lakshmi,are you expert in maa kolam also???it has come out very nice.