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This is my first try, so I begin with "mangalagaram". Some of you may know the lines "kana mayilada kandirundha vankozhi". Do you like this? If it is so, I will sent like this type of kolams. This is the warning, wake up!

Rangoli: Maakkolam


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What a surprise, Subashini ma'am! You've chosen a nice traditional kolam as your first submission! I'm all awake, so please go ahead, give us more. Smile

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Subhashini madam nice rangoli...keep it up.waiting to see some more....

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Thanks lakshmi.Really I must thank to you and jude.vungaloda kolam partha piraghudhan naan kolam marupadi poda aasai pattadhey.Your perfect and sincere kolams are inspiration for me.

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Looks Divine and Traditional.Nice attempt inspite of your marriage work at home

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Thanks sumathi.

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Subashini ma'm,thanks for giving the idea to put maa kolam on looks great.

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Thanks asha.yedho yenukku therijadhai saidhen.Ungalakkellam pidichadhai parkum podhu sandoshama irukku.

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very nice mam. i like this type of kolams very much. pls send some more...

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Thanks.ualekya.sure I will send this type of kolams

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Subashini, Sometimes we admire 'vaankozhi' or even a crow, right? Exhibit your experiments in the PC!
We will comment!

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Thanks , Thanks, jaya mam.KG pasanga yezhudaradhai teachers parattuvadhal adhu sariyadhan irukkunnu sollamudiyadhu.Aana yedhir kalathil nandraga yezhudha adhu vudavura madhiri indha vaankozhi sincere ya try panna vudavum.sure I will exhibit my experments with kolams in Pc.

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Subashini, Kalyaana galaattavukku edayile computer maakolam pottu asathittinga!
Namma Lakshmi computer maadhiri kaiyaale perfect symmetryil lace kolam podaraanga, Neengalo computeril Kaiyaale podara madhiri izhaiya konjam konjam vittu vittu pottu idayil 2 chottu maavaiyum vittu oru natural maakolam pottu oru nalla Vaankozhi endru nirubichittinga.
By the way, ungal Magan Marumagal iruvarukkum engal vaazhtthukkal.Hope chennai vaazh ikolam members will attend the wedding.

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Mam, romba pugazhdhuteenga.Annal yennai lakshmi kooda compare pandradhellam romba aadhigama feel pandren.but renduper perfection kolaththukkum karanam rendu per kai dhan.Yenna puriyalaiya?Avanga perfection avanga kolam computer kolam pola irukku.Yennoda kai nadukkam computer kolamay kaiyaley pottadhupole irukku.

Any way vungalamadhiri jambavans yelloraiyum thirumbi pakka vetcha vaankozhi yendru konjamay konjam perumai pattukkiraynay.

Thanks for your vaazhthukkal.kallayanathukka vandirundha chennai vaazh ikolam members yellarukkum marupadi idhan moolamagavum naandri therivichchikireneay.

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Good attempt. I want to make a general statement, mesdames!
The human eye can visualise geometrical objects very precisely and clearly.
To make computer do it is very tough. It requires lot of effort. Drawing
precise lines on a computer is also not easy. Once again it depends on the
software used.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks jkm.

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Subashini kalakkiteenga poonga...........

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Neengallam koduththa dhairiyam dhan,jude.Yella pugazhum vungalukkey.especially for you and lakshmi.

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Thanks for all.Really it is surprise for me.All of you encouraging me very well .Thank you very much once again.Sorry for late.I am out of station for few days.This is the reason for not answering.