Maavu Kolam-2

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This is my second attempt on maavu kolam on the same day that I tried the first one ... suggestions are needed to improvise on this ...

Rangoli: Maavu Kolam-2


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I doubt that there is anything to suggest Pushpa except that with practice you will become a specialist in this too... Maybe the liquid is too thick?? Rajamma am I correct??

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Thanks Judy ma'am ... I guess only practice can make it perfect and I will definitely keep my attempts going... but I remember that rajammaji had commented on my previous maa kolam that the batter be little thick not watery... so i am really confused....

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Simple and Good, as Judy mam said, the batter should be some more liquid, so that you can get a smooth shape. By practice you will get a wonderful curves, don't worry, keep trying and keep on trying, better luck next time (you may remember Pepsi Uma's words in sun tv)

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Yes Pushpa a little thick but I think yours is much thicker than required. When it is little thinner then the liquid will flow easily from your finger.. Also even if you see only water outline while doing after it dries it will look good. Rajamma HELP!!

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Thanks nithya ma'am and judy ma'am... I will keep this is mind... for that matter I had tried another maa kolam which I have sent... in that I have used a thinner batter... my first padi kolam... (the one I put for varalakshmi nombha and ganesha chathurthi) lets see the comments on that...

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yes jude , you are correct.Add little water works well.only practice makes a man perfect.

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Pushpaji it come out very nice.

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Yes Pushpa, the batter looks little thick. the thickness of the maavu should be judged by u by its free flow. Sometimes the floor if it is cement or tile the thickness water absorbing tharai all contribute to it. By expeience u can judge. I feel free hand design will help u in concentrating on the lines you draw. pullikolam needs freequent curve drawing.
If u have interest u can master any art!

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Thanks rajammaji I will try to attempt and do a better job next time even though I cant promise i can master it but will keep trying

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simple and good push.