Maha navami kolam

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a traditional mud floor padi kolam for the maha navami day,with lotuses and Devi padam

Rangoli: Maha navami kolam


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I want to reach out and touch it. I always do, and you know that too. Smile
I'm enjoying all the pearls you studded your lotuses with. Cute looking feet. (I'm tagging it as dotted until tomorrow night, and will correct it before filing it away). Smile

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Very nice padi kolam Deepa mam. Lotus design is really very nice.


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Very Nice padikolam with cute lotus

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excellent! padi kolam with lotus and the devi padam very cute.

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Veri nice kolam Deepaji

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Very nice kolam.
My mother used to do this type of kolams by holding the powder in such a way that it flows continuously in two parellel lines . That needs lots of expertise.Thank you for reminding me of my mother's kolams.

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very nice kolam....drawing kolams on mud floor is very rare are lucky to do so...

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The shade of this photo reminds me of watching an eastman colour picture - thanks for reminding me of my childhood Deepa. What should I say here?? The floor and the kolam go well hand in hand. Excellent lotus flowers - I always love them Smile

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thank u so much each and everyone,Lata mam u r always welcome,hope i am helpfull in reminding ur "malgudi Days" kind of memories Judy mam!thanks for the compliment,really liked it.

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The kolam and the mud background all are very beautiful

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I feel like stealing it Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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The sun light and the lotus steal our hearts! I guess you have used kaavi powder instead of liquid!

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wow! excellent kolam, very attractive,

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very nice kolam.

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Beautiful with all the special ingredients added..

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nice strokes nice photography Smile

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Nice white kolam in a kaavi mann background.

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mmm...wonderful Smile

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A very different pattern from u this time Deepa....lovely mud floor kolam....

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thank u so much everyone i have still more mud floor kolams,sill soon be displayed for ur views