Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur

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Hi Lata,

After a long time i am back, I had to shift to Kolkata so could'ent participate so frequently. Sending Godess Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur, Its so beautiful. thought of sharing with all.


Rangoli:  Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur


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Hi Vyjayanthi, I was wondering about you a few days back. Good to hear from you. And its so good to see such beautiful and divine pictures. ( I'll be moving this photo to the Cafe area, since that's where we are posting picture-topics). I'm glad you're settled and I look forward to anything you've to share/post or even chat. Smile

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thank u mam for sharing ur picture...even if we visit a temple ...i don't think we would be able to see such a clearer glimpse of d deity....

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wow this looks so grand Smile

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Kaana kann kodi vendumamma, indha deiveega azhagai! Beautifully draped silk saree (madisar), fresh flowers, beautiful ornaments as well as the divine look (arutpaarvai) of the Goddess, paarpadharkku koduthu vaithirukka vendum. Thanks for sharing this picture Vyjayanthi:)

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By the way, where are you in Kolkata? I am in Alipore area.

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Hi brindhanagesh
That very good brindhanagesh, U stay very near alipore is next stop. i am staying in Behala, in Sreeram Estate, Bank Quarters, Opp. to mangalam part (apartments). on the way to Bakuthala. Good to have someone from kolam family.

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Hello Lata, so nice of u to think of me, thank u a judelined,ammuchandhini, Brinda for such a nice comment..


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Hello Vyjayanthi maam we missed your wonderful photos, am glad ur back and that too with such a wonderful and divine photo... it looks so good

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thank u mam for sharing this ru??

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very beautiful decoration with madisar pudavai and jewels vyjayanthi mam. thanks for sharing.

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Thanks, I have heard so much about kolhapur mahAlakshmI, but never viewed the idol. Thanks for sharing.

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow, looks so divine. I had not seen this before. Thanks for taking me to Kolhapur and sharing.

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Vyjayanthi, Thanks for sharing this divine picture. I have visited this place once and had good dharshan also. We can get the same vibration seeing this photo also.

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hi vyjayanthi, indeed a great darshan n i feel that I can't get a better darshan than in person.
best regards
Raji Ramachandran